Stopol Equipment Sales

Stopol Equipment Sales


As an intern at 427 Design, I had the opportunity to create one of the design concepts for the client Stopol Equipment Sales. Stopol Equipment Sales is a buying and selling company within the plastics industry. This design concept balances the major concepts of the company of selling machines and working on current used machines.

*Created for 427 Design, creative firm in Akron, Ohio under the art direction of Joe Rossi & Paul McKinney.



StopolES was a challenging client because of its wide array of capabilities. There are multiple types of customers and not one central focus for this site. Because of this, both Machines and Capabilities were designed in mind with creating an equal balance of importance. The three options of wireframes are shown below, with the third option being the final decision before moving along to design.


Final Design

Final design concepts shown to client including home page, category hub page and product detail page.