Total Athens Rentals

Total Athens Rentals

The Concept

Athens, Ohio has dozens of rental companies for students. The process of trying to find off campus housing is extremely stressful because there’s too many realtors with with a lack of quality websites, information and time. With this in mind, I decided to create an app concept that houses all rental companies in one spot for students to find their perfect home.










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Housing in Athens is a matter of much discussion, no matter where you are. This is why there are renter testimonials and ratings built within the app. People are able to create a profile, list what housing properties they have rented from, rate properties, and leave testimonials for landlords.

User Profile Screens

One of the major functions of this site was the property finder quiz. Within the quiz, students are able to filter their house search by what type of housing they’re looking for, how many roommates they have, how far off campus they are willing to live, and rent pricing.


Property Quiz Match Screens